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over the last week or so I have been working on the Log in page, while working on it I ran into multiple problems but after long analysis and help from Kyle we finally got it working.


One of the first problems we found was that instead of including session.php I was starting a new session at the start of each page, which meant that instead of continuing the session as you browsed through the page it would start a new one meaning you wouldn’t be able to stay logged in as you clicked between different pages.

secondly, the line

$query = “SELECT * FROM user WHERE user_username='{$username}’ AND user_password='{$password}’ LIMIT 1”;

was originally,

$query = “SELECT * FROM user WHERE username='{$username}’ AND password='{$password}’ LIMIT 1”;

this was the simplest mistake I made and it too me so long to sort it because I kept over looking it  thinking the problem was more complex.

I had the same problem with;

$_SESSION[“user”] = $user[“user_username”];/*password start a session*/
$_SESSION[“user_id”] = $user[“user_id”];/*that uses the username an id*/
$_SESSION[“message”] = “Successfully logged in. Welcome back {$user[“user_username”]}.”;

where, again, the name of the database column that I entered was wrong.


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