Blog system

One of the tasks I have been set, is to consider how my blog and blog post work and explain the points in further detail.


  • The more posts I add the easier it will be to show my work, research and the more interactivity the readers have into my processes


  • all text used on my blog is plain and aligned to the left to make it easy to read and will stay like that unless  its a title/subtitle where the text may be  BOLD or ITALIC.


  • My images will be either their fullest size that fits the text boxes or there will be 2 small images next to each other


  • videos will be added by embedding a link from youtube to the page, which will create a small window inside the blog post where the video can be viewed


  • In my blog I will be using categories to filter through the different units I have covered


  • Tags however will be used to filter through different tasks

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