Meet the Team

Today my group and I had our first team meeting, where we spoke about what web application we are going to make and who’s going to work on what  within it.

we have chosen to make a food related website tailored for students, so the food on there will be cheap and/or easy to make and prepare. although we have to contribute equally to this we have been assigned different tasks and different things to manage, Chase will be mainly working with the css, Verity will be mainly working on the html and a little of the php and i will be working on the php and the designing of the web page.

As the “designer” of the group  my first task is to create a logo for the website however Verity made one before I was happy with any of my designs, I’m still going to do a logo any way because it was the task I was given and if all goes well it might end up being better and being used for the site.


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