open source

During the Design for Digital Media Environments lecture, Rob brought up some open source software for us to have a look at and then later brought up some more during the seminar.

I looked at a few of the sites that rob brought up, these were; open street maps, tor browser and Linux.

first I looked at open street maps with Google maps open in the background so I could compare them, and i found that open street maps had a lot more information on it and information that i knew about that wasn’t on the map i could add, because of it being  open source, where as Google maps although it looked a lot cleaner there wasn’t nearly as much information, there was mainly a lack of cash points and roads/paths

openstreet screenshot


I also had a play around with tor (the onion router) to see the difference between and normal browser and an anonymous one and, personally, I found that the effort you have to put into using it properly and waiting  for it to load wasn’t worth the outcome. if there was a way for it load faster and there were more websites that weren’t stuck in the 90 id probably use it a little bit more.

Lastly, Linux. I didn’t download Linux but I read about it and i didn’t realize just how big it had gotten, I knew it was an operating system you could run on your laptop or desktop but i had no idea that you could get it on mobile phones, navigation systems or even e-readers


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