After looking at a few obesity related infographics I found that they were rather text heavy and I didn’t want mine to be like that, I wanted mine to give as much information with as few words as possible, like the poster on the right.

Andy Infographic   3021398537


Although there is not a lot of information being given, the information that is is very clear to understand, even to cultures that don’t read from left to right it is clear that South Africa has the lowest life expectancy and japan has the highest because of the ages being represented by the size of the character, this is an attribute I’m going to use in my work, but instead of front right to left ill have it so its the biggest is at the front and the biggest and the smallest at the back.

Originally I was hoping to have men one side and women the other but I couldn’t find all the information I needed to do both sexes so I just stayed with doing the countries overall percentage.

another issue i had was all the information i was finding was showing different results to who was in fact the fattest country in Europe, so I found another infographic and used the information on that



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