Mario Animation

When I’ve done animation in the past I always found the most difficult thing about it is what to animate, turns out nothing changed, so I chose post-it notes and again from previous attempts I found these never fail.

I chose to create a ‘Mario’ character out of the Post-it’s, using the notes as pixels, for this I had to find a sprite sheet to see how he would move then arranged the post-it’s into the shape of him and took a few photos of each ‘pose’ so that when I animated it it would look even more so like stop motion. Because I only had yellow, green and red post it notes I had to take the photos into Photoshop and adjust the colours, especially the yellow and green, to make them stand out against each other I also figured I couldn’t just have him run straight across the screen so i added a few plain post-it notes to act as stairs

Next time I do any stop motion I think I’ll try and stay away from post-it notes just to vary what materials I have used and can use in the future.

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