Long Exposure

The aim of this task was to take Photos with  and experiment with slow shutter speeds. The theme I had to work with was cycle so I chose to use water and life, water because it creates an interesting smoothness on the surface as the long exposure blurs the minor details together and life because it is interesting to see how busy everyone looks with a long exposure.

Although I spent a while trying to take different photos of moving water only a couple of them came out decent because I didn’t have a tripod or something I could rest my camera on to keep it steady.

Next time I will definitely do my best to try and get a tripod and go out to take the photos around sunset to get the best light for them.

temporal express 1   SONY DSC   SONY DSC

The life side of this project, I think, went a bit better. I found it more interesting because of how the lights worked in the environment.

temporal express 3             temporal express 2

If I was to do this project again i would focus on life rather than the water because I am pleased with how my photos came out and it was a lot more interesting and found my self wanting to do more, the only thing holding me back from doing more was the amount of rain that followed.

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