The Alphabet

For our second task we had to go out and take photos of things that were in the shape of letters and create a gallery for them from A to Z. At first this sounded like it could of taken a whole day or even two but surprisingly it only took a couple of hours to complete, what felt like the majority of the time was taken up trying to find a ‘J’ and a ‘K’ for the simple fact that they are unnatural shapes in architecture and nature: the ‘J’ because nothing seemed to be long then have a short bend to parallel, and ‘K’ because nothing we could find, apart from the sun lounger, was straight and had two different angled straights coming out from it.

I tried to keep the photos to a manmade theme but I soon found out that trying o to find objects that look like letters was difficult enough let alone when trying to keep to a theme but I think I done rather well with only taking three that weren’t in the theme. The one I was least happy with was the ‘O’ because I was adamant that it would be easy trying to find a circle but this might of been my problem, because I thought i was going to be so easy and was trying too hard to find it I simply overlooked everything that I could of used.


Once creating the piece above to show all of the letters I thought creating my name using them would be a good idea to see if the letters could be used as an everyday thing.



I personally don’t think it could, you can make out what it says  but you cant read it like you can other fonts.

If I was to do this again I think I would slow down, stop and just look and try and keep each letter to theme and maybe try and make it so they could be used as an actual font.

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